Volunteering opportunity in a University Sports Department

UBO: TheUniversité de Bretagne Occidentaleis a public institution founded in 1971. UBO is a medium-sized university (around 23,000 students) offering a wide range of programmes in all fields. UBO is in Brittany, on the north-western coast of France. It is a multicampus university, with the main site in Brest (where the activities will mainly take place)

The University Sports Service: SUAPSis the sports university service, aiming to develop the inclusion and mixity of its activities. International students at large don’t attend the free sports activities included in their tuition fee. The SUAPS aims to implement a specifical communication targeting Erasmus and more broadly International students, in order to attract them. Sports activities are actually a great inclusion mean, and a relevant way to break down potential cultural barriers. The volunteer will contribute to increase the internationalizationand interculturality of the SUAPS. The volunteer will be involved in communications, workshops co-animation, eventsHe will also be offered to develop a personal project, linked with sports and inclusion, well being, sport and health.

Starting/ending dates: September 2022-May 2023(exact dates to be set up during the interview).

Indicative working hours: to be precised with the volunteer at the arrival and according to his/her interests: the total weekly working time won’t exceed 35h, language lessons included.

Monday/Friday: Sports lessons and animation take place between 12-14PM and 17H PM-19H PM (One or twice a week at the most).

Monday/Wednesday: Office opening hours: (for other activities than sports lessons and animations)9-11 AM and 15-17 PM and not the days when coaching or teaching with the Physical Education teacher ( if the volunteer is interested and with the agreement of the PE teacher).

Main interactions: Work interactions with the Sports department staff and students. The volunteer will have a teacher referent to accompany him in his/her integration.

Main activities:
-Increase the average level of sport/physical practicing among the international community of students and disabled students through the organizationof specificcommunication,events and workshops
-Assist the teachers in the sport lessons (co-animation)
-Get involved in the organizationof university sport events and tournaments
-Develop communication supports in orderto advertise the SportsDepartments activity, especially towards international students, contribute to the management of the Sports Service Social media
-In relation with an other European Volunteer hosted at the international office of the university at the same time, get involved in the animation of the international community
-In coordination with the SEA-EU office and according interest, be involved insome activities of the SEA-EU alliance.

Secondary possible activities (according interests)
-Be involved during the SUAPS evenings in sport events. (once a month)
-Launch (according to your desire and skills) a survey about international students’ wishes in sport activities with of course the help of the SUAPS staff and PE teachers.
-Attend student exhibitions (once or twice a year).

Training opportunities:
-The volunteer will have free access to the sports offer of the service ( + 50 different activities)

Profile of the volunteer:
-Be a sportsman or sportswoman (practicing sport, interested/studying sportsciencesorsports management,involved in a sport club management and coaching…)
-Be very enthusiastic in sports events creation or projects.
-Interest and skills in social media management.
-Any Sport Qualifications welcome or having interest in sports management-Be interested in teaching or learning events (even without any sport qualifications) or have real interest in sports development projects for the students’ college community.
-English compulsory, French more than welcome (the volunteer has to be ready fora full French language immersion within the team).

Hosting conditions: 
Travel costs, insurance and local transportation covered
Housing in a student’s residence covered(individual room)
Monthly allowance of +/-400€(according European Solidarity Corps rates)
French lessons included (4 hours a week)

Applications before the 27/05/2022 following this form

Applicants also have to register on the ESC platform